Peaks and Layers - First Try!

I’ve been wanting to try this soap technique for a while now..

Well it actually involves 2 techniques.  It involves creating different shades of the same color, and creating the peaks between the layers.


I think it turned out pretty well for a first try but I’ll tell you what I learned and what I would do differently next time.


First of all,  there are 4 layers in there but it’s kind of hard to see.. I think I needed more contrast in the colors between the first and second bottom layers.


The mistake here was I combined my micas with oil, but I combined my TD with water! And I was trying to get the 4 different shades to be obvious before mixing them into the oil/lye solution emulsion.


This presented 2 problems

  1. First of all, oil and water don’t mix! So I couldn’t get the right color before mixing the micas into the oils.
  2. I ended up adding too much TD which resulted in glycerin rivers in my soap


I’m going to try this technique again and the next time, I’ll add the TD to the soap after I’ve added the micas, and then add in a little at a time until I get the color I’m going after.


I think the colors will get darker with some time. The soap in the picture was cut only 2 days ago.


To get these peaks I poured the batter from a pitchers and moved the pitchers across the mold as I poured. Once I get the technique right, I’ll share a video.


Until next week..

Happy Soaping!


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