Is it Hard to Make Soap?

Quick answer: It depends.

This is a loaded question… I you ask me right now after all my years of experience, I’d say no it’s not hard at all.. But the reason is it’s not hard at all, is because of my years of experience.


But let me tell you something, when I first started out I was really scared and nervous and I didn’t know where to start.  I spent hours and hours on youtube and the internet trying to learn the steps. I took notes and compared the different instructions to see if they were consistent. I can’t tell you how many times I tried searching : "making soap with out lye", or "do you have to use lye to make soap".


In the end, I made a decision to just go for it.  I purchased everything I need, and read the instructions I wrote for myself over and over again. I had small children at the time, so I waited for everyone to be fast asleep, and I remember that night very clearly. It was 9:00pm and my husband came into the kitchen to see me in my gloves and goggles and he got nervous.  Very calmly I said, "I’ve got it under control, please wait in the TV room. I’m making soap and I need ZERO distractions".


That night was a turning point in my life because I realized I was capable of doing hard things if I set my mind to. It’s usually those important days that we can remember very clearly.  It might not seem important to someone else, no big achievement there, but it was to me.  It was the start of a brand new exciting life for me, that I am still living til this day.


Everything new is hard. Do you remember the first time you took chemistry in school, or became a mom, or started a new job, or learn to drive, or had to navigate your way in a new city? (do you remember time before GPS and when we had to use paper maps?) 


Our brains are designed to protect us and keep us a live, so when new things arise, our brain tells us they are hard, we resist.  On the other hand, doing hard things is a part of life, it’s growth, it continuity, it makes life interesting.  And after some time, those hard things are not hard anymore, they become second nature to us.


If the idea that soap making is hard is stopping you from learning this beautiful art and science, I’m here to tell you yes it is at first, but then it’s not.  The more you prepare and practice the easier it gets. If you are here reading this, it is because you are curious, and curiosity is a sign of growth, and that means you are capable of doing hard things. I believe in you. Now believe in yourself ;)



Did you think making soap is hard? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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