Do I Have to Use Distilled Water?

We know that water is a key ingredient in making soap. Not only that, it needs to be measured very precisely to make sure we have enough water to make lye solution that will react with all the oils and make a safe soap. We know that too much unreacted lye can make the soap caustic and dangerous to use.  But we also hear that soap makers should only use distilled water. Is that true?


In all the soap making forums you’ll see soap makers urging to use distilled water. That is because tap water can have heavy metals or impurities.  You might see then floating around in your lye solution.


That being said, you can still use tap water to make soap. It will not effect the quality of your soap.  I’ve heard of soap makers using tap water, melted snow and even well water to make their soap. If you see any impurities, you have a choice:  either strain them, or pour everything into the oils as is. Personally, I have always used distilled water since I don’t have a filter, and sometimes I sell my soap and I always want to be on the safe side.


Go ahead and try and see what you think. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things for yourself..


What kind of water do you use in making soap?

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