Clove Soap Recipe

Clove Soap Recipe


My aunt called me and asked me to make her some clove soap.  She said she received a gift of Clove soaps and she loved it. I accepted the challenge and decided to add some crushed cloves in the soap to make it exfoliating soap, and useful in the shower.


Here are a few things I learned..

I guessed that the clove essential oils would make the soap accelerate quickly and I was right. This soap batter got thick within one minute of adding the Clove essential oil to the mix.

I also realized that the crushed cloves dragged and caused some streaks on the side of the soap when I cut it. I think for recipes with any exfoliating ingredients, it's best to keep the design very basic.

I think next time to decorate the soap I won’t add that many cloves to the top. I didn’t like the final look.  I think I would much rather prefer a minimal look. And I bet the cloves won’t feel comfortable in your hand if you try to use the soap.


All in all, I'm sure I could make this a lot prettier next time :)

What do you think of the final outcome? 

If you would like to try this recipe, this is what I did:


Olive Oil 38%

Coconut Oil 29%

Shea Butter 29%

Castor Oil %4


I added Sodium Lactate

Essential oil at light scent

Dispersed the essential oil in kaolin clay

I added ground cloves

Superfat %5

I added charcoal for color effect

Soap temperature 110 deg F


Let me know if you try this recipe :)

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