Adding Honey To Soap

Honey is great additive to add to soap making because honey is a natural humectant which means it can absorb moisture from the air and help give your soap an extra moisturizing kick.


Honey is also high in sugar which can help with the lather of your soap. 


But there are a few things to keep in mind when adding honey to your soap:

  1. Anytime you add an ingredient with sugar to your soap batch expect that it is going to cause your soap to heat up, and heat up fast.  This means you're going to have to work fast too.
  2. If your soap heats up in the mold this could cause some problems.
    1. Your soap might volcano out of the mold
    2. Your soap might crack
    3. Your soap will go through a full/ partial gel phase and might discolor your soap. This won’t effect the quality of your soap, it just might not give your the color you were going after.


So here are some tips for you if you want to add honey to your soap

  1. Add only 1 tsp of honey for ever 450 grams of soap you’re making
  2. Soap at low temperature between 80-100 degrees F
  3. Work fast and keep your design simple
  4. Make room in your freezer to pop you mold in for at least 3 hours or up to a day. Cooling your soap this way can help keep the temperature from rising and prevent a partial gel and darker spot in the middle of your soap. Because, remember, your soap WILL heat up because you added honey.


How and when do you add honey to your soap?

I like to add the honey at thin trace. Pour it into the soap batter and continue mixing with your stick blender until you reach a trace you can easily pour into your mold.


I don’t like to add any color or fragrance to my soap when I’m making something as natural as soap with honey or soap with milk. But that’s just me.  If you would like to add color and fragrance you can add it all to your batch at thin trace.  Just watch out for the fragrance that you're using and make sure it won't cause your soap to heat up too.  Otherwise it could be a recipe for disaster


I hope you found this helpful. Next week I’ll be sharing a recipe using Honey— Stay tuned!

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