7 Reasons Why Soap Making is a Great Side Business

If you’re finding that you have some extra time in your day and you’d like to invest into something that will make you a little extra cash on the side, soap making is the perfect thing to get into. Here are my 7 reasons for why I think Soap Making is the perfect side hustle.


  1. It’s interesting.  You will never run out of things to learn, or ideas to try.  With the same tools and ingredients you can try an unlimited number of recipes, processes, and designs.
  2. It’s creative.  If you have an urge to create beautiful things and are not afraid of making mistakes, soap making is great because there are so many designs, ingredients, methods, and colors to try to make soap that is unique to you and your style.  Developing your own style can   also help you stand out among the crowd.
  3. There is a demand. Unfortunately, more and more people are starting to realize that their skin allergies are due to the products that they are using and are looking for more natural alternatives.  Thanks to growing awareness, natural, hand made soap is usually the first thing they try if they are suffering from allergies, dry skin, or acne.
  4. Doesn’t require a huge investment to start. You will need to invest a little upfront to buy some containers, long spatulas,  a hand mixer and thermometer. Check out this article that shows a shopping list of tools and supplies you’ll need to get started.
  5. Great profit margin. The ingredients for making soap are not expensive, and depending on the ingredients, your packaging and how you position yourself in the market, you can price your soaps in a way to earn some decent returns.
  6. The Soap You Make Will Never Go to Waste.  People love receiving soap as gifts and you will always need soap at home. Unlike other businesses that make products you will never find yourself with inventory that is not moving.
  7. People love gifting soaps. You will always be busy receiving orders for baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, and special occasions.


Do you make soap for sale or just for your personal use? I'd love to hear from you :)

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