3 Ways to Make Your Soap Stand Out

It’s no secret, there are many soap makers out there with beautiful unique soaps and watching all their beautiful creations might leave you feeling like your soap isn’t unique. First of all, I want to tell you to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is at a different place in their life and their soap making journey. Everyone has their own style and talent, and that includes you too!  In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can make your soap standout.. This is just a starting point and I hope it inspires you to come up with your own unique style.


  1. The ingredients. - Let your soap stand out with the ingredients you use. For example, you can have your soap made primarily with olive oil, or your recipes will always have shea butter in them.  Find an oil unique to your culture or country you live in. You can also make your soap unique in terms of what ingredients you leave out.  For example: never using palm oil, or making your soap suitable for vegans by never using animal fats or beeswax.
  2. Your Design - This is about what your soap looks like.  For example your soap can always be in layers, or always decorated with dry flowers.  Maybe you always make pencil lines, or love using embeds. Maybe you only make square shaped, or long, vertical rectangle soaps. Make your soap unique with a design you love, and your customers will learn to associate you with that design.
  3. Your Story - This is my favorite way to stand out, when you have a unique, beautiful story you can tell everyone about yourself and what you do. How you started, what problem you are trying to solve, and what your dreams are.  Having a story, no matter what it is, will always help you stand out.

I hope these tips inspired you to come up with your own unique style and voice in making soap...I'd love to hear from you too.. In what ways have you tried to make your soap stand out?

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